How to Improve IT Efficiency

How do you make your IT staff more productive? If you scan the many (many!) resources about improving workplace efficiency, you’ll see ideas related to environment (not too distracting, but pleasant), planning ahead, and communication. Motivation is a big topic, as well as health. Read more

Not Ready to Hire Full-time IT Staff? Think Fractional.

Most growing businesses reach a point where it feels like there’s a gridlock between current capacity and resources for the next hire and the fact that another is an essential part of continuing the growth trajectory. This scenario is actually pretty common in the IT department. Read more

Employee Vacations: How to Fill the Productivity Gap

It’s summer! Time for warm weather, weekend adventures, and juggling vacation schedules! Oh wait. The last one is actually a major headache, especially with small- to mid-sized businesses. A lot of your staff probably wants to take vacation during the summer, but how do you keep the business running with people out? Here are the options we know about.

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BYOD: Optimizing and Securing Wi-Fi

Can we agree that there’s a fairly universal desire for faster internet? It’s kinda the same way we feel about getting a free lunch or maybe no line at the grocery store checkout.

In a previous post, we discussed basic steps you could to improve your Wi-Fi functionality. We’ll note those here briefly, along with a couple of additional suggestions to boost your speed, and then we will discuss best ways to secure your network. A secure network not only safeguards your speed but also protects your personal devices and private information network from outside access. We want to help you keep your family and your business safe and happy.

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Top Reasons Your Wi-Fi Sucks

We’ve all been there, done that, right? We scheduled the video conference and then had connectivity issues that tanked the tone and productivity of the meeting. Or tried to play that video clip in the middle of our powerpoint presentation and experienced that beautiful thing called “buffering.” Wi-Fi difficulties are as frustrating as they are common. But isn’t this the 21st century? Shouldn’t we be able to do something about our Wi-Fi woes? We can’t promise you a perfect world, but we do want to talk you through some common Wi-Fi hindrances and let you in on some steps you can take to optimize your Wi-Fi experience.

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The Three Types of Backup Every Small Business Needs

Data backup is a key element of your disaster recovery plan. Many small business owners put off backup because they think it’s daunting or boring. That’s a dangerous choice. Ignoring the need for good backup leads to that stomach-in-your-throat moment when you discover you’ve lost access to vital data or that you may literally not be able to run your business.

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Cybersecurity Guide for Small Business

Cybersecurity is too important to ignore, even for small businesses. Here’s what you need to know.

Your Business is a Target

We can’t repeat this enough. We hear constantly from small businesses who think they aren’t important enough to be in danger of cyber attack. That’s simply not true. Forbes says it best: “The fact is, if you’re in business, you’re a target.” Read more

Upcoming Events: NCTIES & NCET

Will we see you at the NCTIES or NCET conferences?

ANC Group will be at both conferences. We can’t wait to spend some time with the best minds in education.

During NCTIES18, we’ll be in booth 925. We’re in booth 10 for NCET. Come visit!

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Signs That You Should Consider Outsourcing

Outsourced IT work can take many forms, including full IT services, one-time projects, maintenance, and other variations. But how do you know when it’s time to think about outsourcing? We have a few ideas.

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How Can IT Improve Employee Productivity?

You want to help your employees do their best—and most—work! If you’re like a lot of companies we’ve worked with, you’ve probably put a lot of effort into improving employee productivity. You may have switched to the newest management model, attended seminars, or implemented complicated systems. But you may also be overlooking a major component of employee productivity: IT. Read more