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Level Data works with each school district on formally defining and documenting t​​he processes associated to critical data related functions such as student enrollment. They leverage current applications and technology to automate as much of the process as possible. Level data will provide a solution that offers clean a​​nd accurate data which is consistent across multiple applications.​​

The South Carolina Department of Education recently announced its partnership with Level Data to provide funding for a SC state bundle including several data-integrating connectors and services.  Interested in these tools for your District? Whether you're in SC or not, we can help!​ 

As Level Data's exclusive partner in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, ANC is proud to showcase their State Reporting and Data Validation Tools. We provide a high level overview of how these tools can assist you and your organization in s​treamlining the data integration process. 

23 Districts in South Carolina have chosen to utilize Level Data's services for their District through the State Bundle package, and we show you how your individual District can achieve the same clean and accurate data.