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​​​​Microsoft's Internet Explorer Vulnerability: How To Secure Your Information

Recen​tly, Microsoft announced a serious flaw in Internet Explorer that could allow an attacker to download malware and take control of your computer. Since the announcement, there has been a lot of hype in the news that has generated a number of questions to the Information Security desk regarding this bug. Below is a high level description of the current state of the Internet Explorer and the bug, how ANC is mitigating this risk, and some recommendations on how you can protect your home e​nvironment.

While Microsoft Initially announced that they would not be releasing a security update for Windows XP, they have since reversed this decision and have released an update that will work on all supported operating systems (e.g. Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8) and Windows XP SP3.

To exploit this vulnerability, malware (e.g. computer virus) is transferred to an unprotected workstation when connected to a compromised website. This is most commonly accomplished through email/Instant Messenger phishing scams, where the attacker attempts to get you to connect to their website by masquerading as a legitimate business and requests you click on a link provided in their message.

How to protect yourself at work and at home:

  • ​Do not click on links in messages from people you do not know
  • Be suspicious of unsolicited email
  • Never give away personal information unless you have initiated the discussion

At Work

By now you may know that the​​re is a critical security available to patch this vulnerability. ANC can assist you with setting up this patch, testing it, and arranging an automated push to your end user systems. Give ANC a call today for assistance.

At Home

Ensure your Antivirus and Security patches are up to dcate. Maintain strong passwords (at least 6 characters in length, include combinations of at least 3 character types - upper case alpha, lower case alpha, numbers, and/or special characters. Example: Tj8@gpR).

Always exercise caution when surfing the internet.

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