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​BrightArrow Resources > BrightArrow's Instant Parent Notification System: Fully Embedded Into PowerSchool

BrightArrow's Digital Voice Dialer is revolutionizing the way organizations automatically deliver messages simultaneously to large groups of people. It delivers voice messages to telephones as well as emails and text messages in a single action. The powerful, yet easy to use Web-based notification service quickly dials and speaks to people on their telephones or leaves them voicemails. Achieving similar results at a fraction of competitor's prices, BrightArrow's technology delivers unsurpassed voice quality, reliability, and flexibility.

Using BrightArrow's web login or dialing a toll-free number, you can automatically call thousands of people and speak pre-recorded messages. If a call goes to voice mail, the system waits until the beep before leaving the message. The system includes automatic synchronization with most popular databases, or alternatively can load lists for easy data integration.

Watch the BrightArrow overview video now to experience this unrivaled approach.