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​​​​News > ANC is Proud to Announce New Partnership with BrightArrow Technologies, Inc.


ANC is proud to announce their new partnership with BrightArrow Technologies, Inc. BrightArrow's Digital Voice Dialer is revolutionizing the way organizations automatically deliver messages simultaneously to large groups of people. It quickly sends voice messages to telephones as well as emails, text messages, and social media posts seamlessly in a single action. You can launch your notifications from within PowerSchool or using the BrightArrow web login, from the BrightArrow mobile app, or dialing a toll-free number.  The BrightArrow system can reduce your notification costs while delivering Tier One (best of class) reliability and audio quality. BrightArrow's core purpose is to help organizations and individuals communicate in a faster, more cost effective, dependable and natural way that requires little technical knowledge or skills.

BrightArrow works not only with the education sector, but also with the government, healthcare, non-profits, and businesses. Their Digital Voice Dialer is a powerful, yet easy to use web-based notification system that is valuable to many sectors. Visit BrightArrow's website to learn more about their product offerings.​